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Our Services

Our Services

To be more relevant in our approach we divided our projects into 5 sectors according to its characteristic nature of addressing the concerns of the poor. They are categorised as follows:
i) Educational and Vocational Skill Training Projects – The projects under this category supports the formal and non-formal education of the orphan, semi-orphan and poor children to access quality education, Construction of Schools, supports Livelihood skills Education for the youth for employability.

ii) Health and Projects for the differently Abled – The projects under this category supports the people for a healthy and happy living, Construction of Health centres and Income Generation activities for the disabled for self-support.

iii) Women Development and Elderly Care Projects – The projects under this category supports the formation of Self Help Groups, Savings, Income Generation Programmes, Widows and supports the poor elderly through sponsorship, starting of Aged Homes and related activities.
iv) Projects for the Victims’ – The projects under this category supports the victims of different types. To work in a very comprehensive way we can put forward the victims into 6 categories:

1. Orphan and Semi Orphan children: This programme helps the “High Risk Children” through educating the orphan, semi-orphan, children of HIV/Aid patients, children with parents infected with chronic diseases (TB, Cancer etc.,), children from badly neglected families. 

2. Widows: This programme helps the women who have lost their husbands to HIV/AIDs, Cancer, Tuberculosis and farmers suicides shattering their lives and that of their children. These unfortunate women are faced with the prospect of raising families all by themselves in the society.

3. Challenged Children/People: The four categories of challenged are the physically, mentally, visually, deaf and dumb children/people are in real need of our help to improve their living conditions by economic growth, sustenance and safe living. The challenged people are being helped through these programmes.

4. Elderly People: These elderly persons have been badly neglected by their sons and daughters. They lead miserable lives without anybody to take care of their needs. this programme specifically provides the aged not only with accommodation but also to take care of their food needs, health care and other basic necessities.

5. Leprosy and other deadly disease Patients: Through this programme we intend to eradicate leprosy and other deadly disease patients by Prevention, Control and Treatment of leprosy and other deadly diseases. This programme is mainly to generate awareness among the people on Leprosy and other deadly diseases through conducting Health camps in the villages, Door-to-survey, Identification of the leprosy affected, Referral to the Government Hospital for confirmation and treatment and Follow-up of the cases.

v) Emergency Relief Projects – The projects under this category supports the emergency assistance in the face of Natural/manmade disasters victims.

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