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Message from President

Message from the President – 2020

DSP over the last decade has established itself as an organization committed towards welfare and empowerment of Poor and Needy people. The organization has worked with multiple stakeholders: governmental bodies, media, private sector, international and national NGOs and multilateral organizations to create a platform and an understanding towards this marginalized and voiceless section of the society.


Taking impetus from its previous work DSP this year articulated and highlighted issues of vulnerable children, unemployed Youth, women, elderly, challenged people at the international level as well.

Today, DSP is in an exemplary position thanks to the skills and commitment of our teams, which remain dedicated to providing quality services to all our beneficiaries. As the president, I am proud of DSP. Proud of an organization that was able to professionalize itself and adapt to the challenges of our times while staying attentive to what we do best: contributing to the development of people, communities and organizations in the social and humanitarian spheres.


We need to keep up this work, day after day. We need to reinforce our position while remaining united and committed to our mission. At the same time, we must keep in mind that our organization does not exist on its own, but through the interaction and integration of the people who are part of it. It is our reason for being: people.

Those that we are committed to helping.

Those who trust us, who support and fund us.

And last but not least, all those who are the arms, legs, head and heart of our organization: our employees and collaborators around the world.

In conclusion, I would like to once again thank all our teams for the assistance they have brought to all those who call on us in the fields of health promotion, education and vocational training, reception and support for migrants and refugees, help for homeless and transient people, assistance for struggling youth, and COVID 19 pandemic awareness generation and prevention.

Our Services

To be more relevant in the approach we divided our projects into 5 sectors according to its characteristic nature of addressing the concerns of the poor. They are categorised as follows:

i) Educational and Vocational Skill Training Projects – The projects under this category supports the formal and non-formal education of the orphan, semi-orphan and poor children to access quality education, Construction of Schools, supports Livelihood skills Education for the youth for employability.

ii) Health and Projects for the differently Abled – The projects under this category supports the people for a healthy and happy living, Construction of Health centres and Income Generation activities for the disabled for self-support.

iii) Women Development and Elderly Care Projects – The projects under this category supports the formation of Self Help Groups, Savings, Income Generation Programmes, Widows and supports the poor elderly through sponsorship, starting of Aged Homes and related activities.

iv) Housing, Water and Sanitation Projects – The projects under this category supports the strong shelters for the homeless, the safe and protected drinking water to safeguard from water WASH diseases and supports the promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation.

v) Emergency Relief Projects – The projects under this category supports the emergency assistance in the face of calamities.

These web pages unfolds before you our interventions sector-wise prove our long-standing and firm commitment in the service of the rural and urban poor. Our services have been memorable and a rewarding experience.

We will continue to work tirelessly to enable the poor to merge out of the clutches of poverty through small but significant initiatives, which hopefully will lead them from the darkness of hopelessness to the light of hopefulness.

The task ahead of us is fraught with challenges but we see opportunities locked in them that reinforce us to forge ahead and progress further. We salute our donors for they have been a tower of strength and a motivating force in times of adversity. With their encouragement and support we will march ahead with heads held aloft.

Mrs. K. Thomasamma, President
Development Society for Poor (DSP)

Development Society for Poor