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Message from President

Message from the President – 2018

As I began to composing this message, I realized how quickly this year has passed. It has been a year with many rewarding moments, as well as some challenges. Though a year of transition, we made solid progress on many fronts, including building out strategic platforms, while establishing exciting new ones.

I am honored to be the President of Development Society for Poor (DSP)'s long history. This legacy of leadership is a tribute to the success and stability of DSP, and to the belief in the importance of our purpose held in common with us by our faithful over so many decades. Personally, I am truly humbled to lead the incredibly talented and dedicated people who work for DSP.

One challenge all of us in the world today face together is health and health care. This is true in both developed and emerging world. When combined with the rapidly changing demographics of an aging population, a growing middle class and the persistence of chronic disease, the scale and complexity of the issue is magnified. It is my belief that providing high-quality health care to patients and consumers around the world in a sustainable manner is society's greatest challenge. But it is also the greatest hope for a better future for every individual, every family, every community and every village.

DSP works at the very center of this challenge. Every day, we are working to help people everywhere live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We recognize that with our leadership comes a responsibility; one we consider a privilege. I'm pleased with how we are meeting that responsibility, but I'm far from satisfied.

Our Services

To be more relevant in the approach we divided our projects into 5 sectors according to its characteristic nature of addressing the concerns of the poor. They are categorised as follows:

i) Educational and Vocational Skill Training Projects – The projects under this category supports the formal and non-formal education of the orphan, semi-orphan and poor children to access quality education, Construction of Schools, supports Livelihood skills Education for the youth for employability.

ii) Health and Projects for the differently Abled – The projects under this category supports the people for a healthy and happy living, Construction of Health centres and Income Generation activities for the disabled for self-support.

iii) Women Development and Elderly Care Projects – The projects under this category supports the formation of Self Help Groups, Savings, Income Generation Programmes, Widows and supports the poor elderly through sponsorship, starting of Aged Homes and related activities.

iv) Housing, Water and Sanitation Projects – The projects under this category supports the strong shelters for the homeless, the safe and protected drinking water to safeguard from water WASH diseases and supports the promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation.

v) Emergency Relief Projects – The projects under this category supports the emergency assistance in the face of calamities.

These web pages unfolds before you our interventions sector-wise prove our long-standing and firm commitment in the service of the rural and urban poor. Our services have been memorable and a rewarding experience.

We will continue to work tirelessly to enable the poor to merge out of the clutches of poverty through small but significant initiatives, which hopefully will lead them from the darkness of hopelessness to the light of hopefulness.

The task ahead of us is fraught with challenges but we see opportunities locked in them that reinforce us to forge ahead and progress further. We salute our donors for they have been a tower of strength and a motivating force in times of adversity. With their encouragement and support we will march ahead with heads held aloft.

Mrs. K. Thomasamma, President
Development Society for Poor (DSP)

Development Society for Poor