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Current Projects

Education of the Children

A total number of 1150 children benefit from our educational scholarship support. 

There are two categories of support:

A. Educational Assistance Programme: 405 + 200 + 40 = 645 children are supplied with note books, two pairs of school uniforms, school bag and shoes.

b. Educational Sposnsorship Programme: 95 + 5 = 100 children are assisted through school fees, note books, two pairs of school uniforms, school bags and shoes.

All these children are from the socially backward communities, whose parents are farm coolies economically marginalized and unable to educate their children. The children are taken to child labor losing their chances of education and the joys of childhood. Our educational support is a boon for these children as they get an opportunity to join school and better their lives. The children are regular to their classes, show great enthusiasm to study and excel. We are encouraged as our efforts are bearing ample fruit.

Our coordinators regularly monitor this programme by visiting the school, checking up the progress reports interacting with the head masters and teachers to know the progress made by the children. They also take time to meet the parents of the children advising them to encourage their children in their studies.


The Archangel’s Home for the Aged was started on 23rd April, 2014, for the senior citizens at Rentachintala village. The home has strength of 35 elderly people comprising of both men and women. These elderly persons have been badly neglected by their sons and daughters. They lead miserable lives without anybody to take care of their needs. This Archangel’s Home for the Aged has been started specifically to provide the aged not only with accommodation but also to take care of their food needs, health care and other basic necessities free of cost.

The “Archangel’s Home for the Aged” is located in the village of Rentachintala to take care of the elderly persons, is 110 kilometers away from Guntur Municipal Corporation, the headquarters of  Guntur district. It is a big village and typically agricultural in nature with the 90% of the population being agriculturists. They are small and marginal farmers belonging to the higher classes, while the lower classes are the landless agricultural laborers. There are no small, medium or major industries in this area.  Catholics, Hindus and Muslims form part of the population and all of them live in perfect harmony and fellowship participating in the religious, familial and other cultural activities of their respective denominations.


The project rationale is to assist 20 physically challenged persons aged between 18–35 living a miserable state of life without any means of livelihood. They belong to the socially marginalized, poorest and the most exploited. They find it hard to make living because of their disability. The project is to assist them to set up small business enterprises such as vegetable selling, provision shop, fruit shop etc., which will enable the physically challenged to earn their living, improve their socio-economic situation, become self-reliant  and lead  a decent life.

Sewing Machines for the Poor women:

In the recent past we have trained more than 300 women in tailoring technology. During last year we have 4 batches in different villages with 33 + 25 + 26 + 28 = 112 women.

41 poorest of poor women are provided with a tailoring machine with all the accessories.

Mobility for the Physically Challenged:

Milch Animals for widows:

We propose milch animal breeding for the 20 widows from the villages of Rentachintala Mandal.  These widows belong to the Scheduled caste and the Scheduled tribe communities. They are socially and economically backward. These women depend solely on agricultural labor and other odd jobs to earn their livelihood. This scheme of milch animal breeding will greatly benefit these widows and their children economically and will be a part of their empowerment, improvement of social status and self-employment.

Housing for widows:

The houses are constructed with a strong and raised foundation with Asbestos sheets as the roof/cement Concrete. It will protect the members of the family from natural and man-made calamities like cyclone storms, floods and fire accidents.

DSP always adopt a participatory approach in all its projects, so that the project resources reach the beneficiary effectively. In this project the beneficiary community has been extensively involved in discussing, planning and formulating the project. They are showing great enthusiasm in the realization of the project. They are poor agricultural laborers living on a meager daily wage.

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